Piaggio 50cc A/C Engine (Drum)
  • Piaggio 50cc A/C Engine (Drum)

Piaggio 50cc A/C Engine (Drum)


  • Brand: Piaggio
  • Product Code: 0201
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Piaggio 50cc A/C Engine (Drum)

Carefully cleaned & tested.

Carburettors and exhausts are available to buy seperately.

Fancy a polished or colour coded case? Tuning upgrades?

Drop us a line for any cosmetic & tuning modifications...

Genuine, original used part.

Please note: Actual product may cosmetically differ slightly from the image(s) above. Want to see the actual product you'll receive? Drop us a line, we'll send photo's of what we have in stock to you ASAP :-)

All engines are subject to our stringent standards of quality control, ensuring that no running faults are apparent before shipping.

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