Repairs & Servicing

Looking after your moped scooter is essential to ensure your ride is safe and secure whilst also delivering the performance you expect. 

Moped Scooter Maintenance

Maintaining your moped scooter is the best way to ensure you do not unexpectedly break down. Motor Vehicle Madness will overlook all crucial parts of your ride to discover any potential faults which could arise and ensure any potential faults are prevented. 

Moped Scooter Servicing

Motor Vehicle Madness provide moped scooter servicing in our head office in Cardiff, Wales. Servicing your moped scooter inolves aspects such as checking your brake fluid, your brake pads and additional aspects such as your indicators to ensure your moped scooter is safe. 

Moped Scooter Repairs

Motor Vehicle Madness can repair your moped scooter in our head office in Cardiff, Wales, and get you back on your ride. We source the parts and fix the parts all ourselves.