We're happy to offer a full range of moped/scooter services - if you want something that isn't already listed, just give us call!

  1. Repairs, Servicing & Maintainance

  2. Custom Powder coating - visit our sister site PerfectPowdaz

  3. Scooter/Moped/Motorbike Recovery, Accident Repair & Storage

  4. Dynamometer Runs, Carburettor & Transmission set ups

  5. Bespoke Scooter/Moped Designs & Builds.

  6. Custom Metal Polishing & Finishing.

  7. Engine Cleaning, Tuning, Set-Ups & Rebuilds 

  8. Rare Part Locating.

  9. Part Restoration & Refurbishing

The Standard M-V-M Multi-Point Check

Every moped scooter brought into our workshop, will receive our Multi-Point Check (MPC) - absolutely free of charge covering all moped scooter parts and bodywork.

Our MPC check will highlight any apparent safety issues with your moped scooter, and we will report any findings back to you, with advice on how best to proceed.

Our moped scooter MPC will include the following:

Visual check

  • Check exhaust for damage or rust

  • Check outer panels for damage/cracks/breaks

  • Check panels for alignment

  • Check all panels are present (no panels are missing)

  • Check tyres for damage or balding

  • Check seat for wear/splits/tears

  • Check control clocks for defects

  • Check handlebar grips for wear

  • Check Levers for damage

  • Check for missing bolts or screws

  • Check wheels for damage

  • Check for excessive grime on engine

  • Check for any obvious leaks of engine

  • Check engine case for damage/corrosion/paint flaking

Tyres & wheels

  • Check and adjust tyre pressure

  • Record tyre condition

  • Record tread depth

  • Check wheels for any buckling

  • Check wheel bearings for "play"


  • Check front suspension for leaks and damage.

  • Check rear suspension for leaks and damage to springs.

  • Check for putting on fork legs.

  • Lighting & electrics.

  • Check lights and indicators on front of vehicle.

  • Check lights and indicators on rear of vehicle.

  • Check light switches for function.

  • Check horn function.


  • Check alignment of handlebars

  • Check bearings for "play" and bars rotate freely.

  • Check levers for damage.

  • Check levers function without excessive resistance, front and rear.

  • Check throttle functions freely.

  • Engine check.

  • Check for oil leaks

  • Check for coolant leaks

  • Check for air leaks

  • Check fluid levels

  • Check for unusual noise when idle

  • Check for signs of stress or wear

  • Check for missing bolts or parts

  • Check kickstart functions correctly

Test ride

  • Check that vehicle accelerates well with no bogs or jerks.

  • Check engines idles correctly with no serves nor overheating.

  • Check for unusual noise from engine.

  • Check brakes stop vehicle safely, without excessive "sharpness" nor "sponginess"

  • Check for vehicle tracking in a straight line.